5 Lessons You Can Learn From Cut Car Key

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Car Key Cutting Explained

Car key cutting is more than simply shaping a piece of metal. It is a complicated process that guarantees security, efficiency and the longevity of keys.

It is not uncommon to lose your car keys or even have it break in the lock. You will need a replacement car key to ensure that you are able to drive your car at all times.

Transponder Keys

Transponder chips are likely to be installed in cars built in the last 20 years. These chips are small microchips located in the key’s handle which transmit an electronic signal to the car’s onboard computer when you are using it. The computer in the car detects the digital serial number inside the chip and allows the car to start if it’s the right one. This stops thieves from stealing your car since they’d need to be aware of the unique serial number.

The microchip in the key sends a low-level signal the car’s receiver. This radio signal activates the microchip which then transmits code to the computer onboard of the car. The car will recognize this code and only allow it to start if it is the correct one. This stops the use of “hot wiring” and other methods of stealing cars.

Locksmiths who provide these services can create keys for cars that contain chips. They are also available at certain automotive stores, such as AutoZone. They have a vast selection of keys and can help you get the right one for your vehicle. They can even help you programme the chip into your vehicle, which is necessary for it to function.

You can also get laser cut keys that are more secure than conventional flat keys. These keys feature an cylinder for locking that is much more difficult to pick, and are only duplicated using expensive laser key cutting machines or with specially designed software. This type of technology is typically found in high-end cars, but it is now being used in many affordable models of cars as well.

The VATS (vehicle-anti-theft system) key is a different kind of key that is difficult to duplicate. These keys have a black resistor in the key blade that is programmed with one of fifteen potential values to prevent the car from starting that it’s not meant to. These keys are more expensive to purchase and require a specific key programming device that can only be located at certain locksmiths.


Before transponder keys or cars with computers built-in to control the ignition, GM used a system known as VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System). VATS uses an ordinary key that has a resistor pellet embedded in it to confirm that the correct key is being used to start the car. The black VATS Pellet located in the middle of a VATS Key isn’t a smart chip as used on the majority of modern keys. It is merely carbon or a block that is sized to have an electrical resistance.

GM used 15 different resistances for the VATS Pellets and connected the key blades to them so that, when the key was turned in the ignition a coded message is sent to module. If the signal is in line with that of the transistor in a VATS pellet, then the relay in starter circuit will be activated and the engine will begin to run. This does not make a car safe from burglary however, it can deter a thief for at least 15 to twenty minutes.

After a long period of use the VATS module could begin to wear out. Each time a key is inserted into the ignition, it moves two tiny wires inside the ignition and, over time, the wires may begin to break. Once enough wires are broken the signal is lost to the module and the car will not start.

You can solve this problem at home yourself by decoding your VATS key. It’s not hard to determine the resistance of a key using the multimeter. All you need to do is put one of the leads of your ohm meter onto the metal prongs that are visible on both sides of the key. Then examine the display of your ohm meter to find out the resistance value of your key.

This can also be a good method to test a new key to see whether it works in your vehicle. Remove the ignition key first before you test it. In the event that it is not removed, the key may have an incorrect VATS and not work in your car.

Smart Key Fobs for Keys

Key fobs today do more than simply unlock or start the car. A lot of them come with advanced features that most owners are not aware of. They can be used as a security device or as a theft deterrent. They can remotely lock and unlock your doors, make noises that help you find your vehicle in a parking lot and even allow you to call your vehicle by pressing the button on your smartphone. This is more features than you get from a traditional keychain remote. Unfortunately, all that added features can mean that smart key fobs can be pricier to replace than traditional keychain remotes, and they usually require programming by the dealer.

Some sellers charge as much as $100 for one smart fob. That’s a lot to pay for a device that spends a lot of its time in purses and pockets where it can be easily dropped, damaged or exposed to extreme moisture and temperatures. Certain automakers have developed strategies to protect smart key fobs from common electronic attacks, such as relay attacks. These are often combined with remote start hacks that gives thieves access to your vehicle’s settings through the transmission of a fake signal another transmitter close to.

To safeguard a smart fob to protect it, you can place it in a casing made of metal or even an RFID blocking case. This will block the transmission of these signals. However, having to take the key fob from a case that is protected each time you want to make use of it is a hassle and a detriment to the efficiency of the technology.

Fortunately, a few of the latest car insurance policies, auto club memberships, and extended warranty coverages will pay for the cost of replacing a fob or reimburse you for Cut car Key a lost fob. You can also save money on dealer charges and have your fob cut at the hardware store or locksmith who offers key fob cloning.

For the majority of drivers, the decision to purchase a new key fob depends on the importance of your car’s keyless entry and push-button starter functions are. In any event you should have an extra key or fob handy just in case you lose yours. Batteries Plus offers a large choice of replacement fobs that fit most cars and trucks. In addition, our quick and easy service is about 50% less than what you’d spend at the dealership.

Traditional Keys

The car key of old is a single piece of metal with a series of grooves carved into it. These grooves are made to fit certain locks. These keys will open your locks and start your car, assuming you don’t replace them with an electronic key or a remote key. The only drawback to using the traditional car key is that you need to physically insert it into the ignition to start the engine. If your car key cuts near me key is lost or broken it is necessary to visit an Gainesville Locksmith to get a new one created.

You have a few options to choose from depending on how long it’s been since you’ve Cut Car Key your keys. Certain keys employ mechanical cutting machines to produce copies, while others use laser-cut keys that have been specifically designed with enhanced security features in mind.

Some of these modern features that come with modern keys include encryption and other security mechanisms. The encryption ensures that only the right key is used to open your vehicle, making it more difficult for thieves to duplicate keys or pick locks. Transponder chips are a different anti-theft feature. They are incorporated into the key and can communicate with your vehicle. This means that it can only function when you’re within a certain distance.

If you choose to make use of a traditional key, your locksmith can make the new key using an ordinary cutter machine, which can be purchased from a variety of hardware stores. This is cheaper than a key fob or a transponder, and you can still operate your trunk, locks, and doors.

You can also replace your standard car keys with a laser-cut version that has an unique pattern. These keys first came out in the 1990s and they’re a popular choice for those who wish to provide extra security to their automobiles. The majority of laser cut keys contain transponder chips that are specifically programmed to work with your specific vehicle. If the chips aren’t present in your vehicle it will not respond to the signals transmitted by the key.