7 Essential Tips For Making The Most Of Your Cerebral Palsy Case

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How to File a Cerebral Palsy Case

Cerebral palsy is a long-lasting condition that requires medical attention. Children suffering from CP are often examined by a pediatrician, along with a physical medicine specialist. The doctors will conduct a thorough physical exam, take a detailed medical history and perform tests like MRI or CT scans.

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Cerebral palsy is a permanent condition that affects movement, posture, balance and coordination. It is caused by abnormalities or damage to the brain’s areas which control the movement of muscles. It usually manifests before or shortly after birth.

Doctors can diagnose cerebral paralysis based on a child’s symptom and medical history, physical exam and milestones, growth and results of diagnostic tests. They may refer an infant, toddler, or child to specialists such as pediatric orthopedists, neurologists, and physiatrists. Testing of urine, blood and skin could also be requested.

Babies with CP may exhibit delayed developmental milestones as well as stiff muscles and exaggerated reactions not typical of normal babies. They also might have low Apgar scores, which may suggest oxygen deprivation. The condition may be difficult to identify in infants who are still developing and a definitive diagnosis is usually made at the age of two. The earlier a child’s condition can be recognized, the better treatment will be. Many families find it beneficial to find support groups as well as organizations for their children.

Signs and symptoms

The symptoms of cerebral paralysis manifest in the beginning of childhood and result from damage to the brain area that controls movement and posture. This damage is permanent and affects the coordination of muscles and body movements.

Children with dyskinetic cerebral paralysis have unpredictable, jerky movements of their feet, hands and arms. They may also have difficulties reaching up, picking up objects and coloring with crayons. They might be slurring or struggle to keep their balance, cerebral palsy lawyer and walk on the tip of their toes.

Ataxic CP is the least well-known type that results in unorganized and clumsy movements. Hypotonic patients CP have a low level of muscle tone, and their arms and legs move easily and resemble those of a toy doll.

Doctors usually detect CP within the first two years of a child’s life, except for mild. In this case, they might be able to diagnose it at four or five. To lower the risk of developing CP women should be vaccinations prior to conception against diseases that can cause fetal brain damage, such as rubella and German measles. It is essential to take care of all pregnant mothers to avoid complications like premature birth and low weight at birth.


Cerebral paralysis can be caused by anything that affects brain development, ranging from maternal infections in pregnancy to complications during labor and birth to head injuries. Cerebral palsy occurs more frequently in babies born before 32 weeks of age, or with the baby’s weight being low at birth. Maternal fever during pregnancy, rubella (German measles), cytomegalovirus, or herpes infections may trigger inflammation that harms the developing nervous system.

Each person’s CP treatment plan will differ for each. A pediatric specialist or physical and rehabilitation physician or neurologist will oversee medical care and formulate treatment plans that take care of specific symptoms and needs.

Treatments to ease muscle tightness (such as onabotulinumtoxinA or Botox) might be used to improve performance and reduce pain or other signs. In the most severe cases of CP surgery may be required to lengthen stiff, tightly contracted muscles or correct issues such as an unusually curved spine.

Speech therapists can help children develop their communication skills and teach parents how to improve their child’s communication skills. Recreational therapy helps children participate in enjoyable activities that foster social interaction, self-esteem and motor skill development.


The proper support can make a enormous difference. Parents and children suffering from cerebral palsy can join an entire community of families who can share their experiences via a local gathering or online groups. Many groups hold fundraisers to raise funds and awareness for the condition.

Teachers can support children who have cerebral palsy at school. They can plan ahead for times when students are unable to attend classes because of medical appointments or taking medicine. They can also arrange for arrangements in the classroom, such as extra time for students to travel between classes, take exams or attend doctor visits.

Adults with CP may seek advice from an occupational therapist about independence, such as housing and finding a job and receiving benefits. They can also talk to their doctor to determine whether their medications are working and if something could be making their symptoms worse.

The Cerebral Palsy Research and Clinical Center of Michigan has an inventory of local doctors who specialize in this condition. The database is available to all residents of Michigan and lets them search by insurance provider.

Legal Issues

Your cerebral palsy lawyer can help you receive a fair settlement from the medical professionals responsible for your child’s injuries. The legal process requires more evidence that proves that the doctors and medical facilities responsible for your child’s birth injury committed malpractice, causing cerebral palsy and brain damage.

A legal claim is a means to seek financial compensation for losses incurred by your family as well as the future costs that are anticipated. It’s about making changes and implementing additional policies to prevent these kinds of injuries from happening in the near future.

Parents are concerned that filing a lawsuit over medical malpractice could make them look greedy, or make them appear as if they don’t accept the child they have. However, the reality is that the lifetime cost of caring for a person who suffers from CP can reach into the thousands.

It’s important to consult with a medical malpractice attorney whenever you can. Each state has its own time limit for filing a lawsuit, and the sooner you start your case the more effective. A lawyer can provide you with the laws that apply to your region, and also what you should do following.