How Private ADHD Clinic Altered My Life For The Better

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A Private ADHD Clinic aims to Assess, ADHD Diagnose and Treat Adult ADHD

private adhd assessment online uk adhd clinics aim to treat, diagnose and evaluate adults with ADHD. It is also possible to prescribe. This medication can improve performance at school and at work and can help maintain healthy relationships.

The recent BBC Panorama program “Private ADHD Clinics Exposed” has caused much controversy. However, it has added to stigma.


An assessment is a crucial first step. It is usually a 45 to 90 minute discussion, which may include a number of checklists, with an expert psychiatrist who specializes in mental health. They will ask you questions about your past and symptoms. They will also assess whether you might have other conditions that could be causing your symptoms.

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland the NHS is legally required to fund an ADHD evaluation if you ask for it through your GP. However, it may take some time to obtain a referral and you will have to pay for the appointment on your own.

Many adults with undiagnosed ADHD have found the process of determining ADHD frustrating. The symptoms of the disorder can make it difficult to function at work or at home. The moment you receive an official diagnosis, it can be life-changing, and provides treatments that can help improve your quality of life. Many people diagnosed with ADHD have a sense self-understanding and a new perspective on their lives following being recognized as having ADHD by a mental health professional.

It is essential to locate a private assessment adhd facility that offers ADHD testing based on research. These tests examine your past and present to determine if you are suffering from certain traits (symptoms) of ADHD. They will also assess how severe your symptoms are and if you are struggling to manage these symptoms. They will also review your family records to determine if any members of your family have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Some private clinics require a GP referral letter, whereas others do not. You should check the clinic’s policies in advance and decide if this is suitable for you.

The best ADHD clinics offer specialist coaching, support and medication. These services are typically more effective and can help you achieve long-term improvements in your symptoms. They can also assist you to determine if medication is suitable for you, by discussing your treatment plan. If you do decide to go on medication, your therapist will advise you on how to manage your condition and to avoid side effects.


Being diagnosed as having ADHD is a crucial step for many adults. However, it can be an arduous process that’s not always precise. It can be difficult for parents who could be tempted by their child’s symptoms to be taken lightly, and even to think they are “kids just being kids.” In the UK, many people choose private ADHD tests to avoid lengthy NHS wait lists and begin treatment earlier. However, it’s important to ensure that you are working with a GMC registered psychiatrist who has vast experience in treating adults with ADHD. In addition to diagnosing ADHD, they should be able to evaluate other co-occurring conditions and factors that may cause the disorder.

An ADHD diagnosis requires a thorough evaluation of a person’s symptoms and their impact on their daily lives. This involves analyzing past and current behaviours. In some instances, a clinician may ask about a patient’s family history. This can help determine genetic predispositions to ADHD and determine if the symptoms may be related to any other mental health issues.

The doctor will then give a recommendation regarding the use of medication. They will also discuss the plan for follow-up and treatment. This can include specialist coaching and support services, as well as medications. People who take medication generally get better results than those who do not. It is important to keep in mind that many adults suffering from ADHD are high functioning, so a private diagnosis does not necessarily mean that the person will need medication.

It’s important to know that the NHS and schools do not recognize a diagnosis of ADHD if you have a private assessment. A GP can recommend you to an individual clinic, like a Priory hospital or wellbeing centre, but these cost you money. If you decide to get an individual ADHD diagnosis, ensure that the clinic shares medication with the NHS. This will ensure you receive the best treatment possible.


A psychiatric evaluation at a private adhd clinic will determine the best treatment for ADHD. These medications help the patient focus and control their emotions. The use of medications can also enhance the quality of life for patients. They can be prescribed to improve the performance of students or employees and help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. The use of medication is usually in conjunction with therapy based treatment.

There are a variety of ADHD medications are available, and a lot are safe for long-term use. Some are available as pills, liquids or chewable tablets. Certain medications are only accessible by injection or continuous infusion. Each medication type has its own side effect that the psychiatrist will discuss with the patient. A doctor might recommend a patient stop taking a medication in the event of serious side effects.

Many people suffering from ADHD find it difficult to get the correct dosage of their medication, and sometimes they need to adjust the dosage. A psychiatric nurse can help with this process by keeping track of the patient’s symptoms. If the medication is not working the doctor will typically change the dosage or switch to another medication.

When choosing a psychiatrist, look for a practice that is specialized in ADHD. This will help ensure that the office staff has expertise in the condition. Additionally the doctor will be able to respond to questions quickly and efficiently. It’s recommended to check out the website of the practice including the FAQ section. You can also call the office to ask for references from past patients.

Private ADHD clinics are a great alternative for many people, particularly parents of children with ADHD. They often have the ability to consult with a doctor more quickly than they could at the NHS. They can also get a diagnosis as fast as 48 hours. Some private clinics require referral from a physician and have an open waiting list.

The BBC’s Panorama program, Private ADHD Clinics Exposed revealed the poor treatment at a few private ADHD clinics. The show highlighted problems that can occur when an assessment process is not well researched and poorly qualified which can result in an incorrect diagnosis.


We offer a complete Adult ADHD Assessment with a GMC licensed Consultant Psychiatrist. This includes an initial diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Also included is an exact copy of the ADHD report that with your consent can be provided to your GP. This may be used to support student claims for Disabled Student Allowance or other benefits. Some patients will choose to start therapy along with medication. We will discuss any risks or side effects with you.

If you decide to use medication, we will give you a prescription. We will also offer you regular follow-up appointments. Medication can be particularly effective when combined with psychotherapy. This lets you combat the symptoms of ADHD with medication to deal with the immediate effects.

Many people are unaware they suffer from ADHD and have to fight for years untreated which can result in underachievement at school or work, relationship breakup and divorce, strained finances and even criminal offending. It is essential to consult a specialist and, if needed get treatment. The cost of an ADHD assessment is typically less than the long-term costs of problems that do not require treatment. These include anxiety, depression and functional disorders. These issues could be cured when ADHD was properly identified and treated. The cost of the test will be covered by the medical insurance company that covers insured patients.