How To Know If You're In The Right Place To Wall Mounted Fireplace

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How to Select an Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

An electric wall mounted fireplace is an excellent alternative to traditional fireplaces. It is lightweight and easy to put up. It doesn’t require any sort of cleaning of ash or stacking wood.

When deciding on the best model you must take into consideration a variety of aspects. Included in this are performance of the heat source, the flame display and other elements. Make sure that you have removed any combustible items and ensure that the cord of the fireplace is within reach of a three-spot socket.

Heat Output

When you add an electric fireplace that is wall mounted to your home, it will enhance its attractiveness and provide supplemental heat. They are a popular choice for both homes and commercial spaces. They also conserve energy and money because they do not use the same amount of power as traditional fireplaces.

There are a variety of options when it comes down to choosing a wall-hung fireplace because they come in a wide range of styles and sizes. There are even fireplaces that are designed to look like a built-in piece that will complement your existing decor. When deciding which one to purchase it is important to consider the features that are most essential.

The capacity to heat the model is a good point to begin. This is usually stated in BTUs (British thermal units) and will show how much it can warm a room. A standard unit, for example, can comfortably heat a room up to 40 square meters.

Compare the wattage to see how much power each model uses. This is important because it will affect how costly your electricity bills will be, and how much warmth you can expect from it.

Safety features on a model are also important to think about. It is important to ensure that it comes with a built-in fan since it is essential to stop the unit from overheating. There are models that include a temperature cut-out switch that will automatically shut off the unit when it gets too hot.

Verify if the fireplace comes with an LCD display that is easy to read and can provide you with details on how to make use of it. In addition, it’s crucial to ensure that the electric fireplace is positioned away from any materials that could ignite and is not too close to furniture or curtains.

With contemporary and modern design trends becoming extremely popular with homeowners across Canada A wall-mounted electric fireplace is a great option to improve the appearance of your living space while providing valuable supplemental heat. These self-contained fireplaces are simple to install, occupy very little space on the floor and won’t increase your electricity bills because they don’t require fuel.


There are numerous electric fireplace models on the market. You should select an electric fireplace with an authentic flame display and the correct type of fire to suit your space. You should also be aware of whether the fireplace can be operated in a flame only mode to have a glowing bed embers, without needing to heat the room too.

A typical electric wall mounted fire place will include some kind of heater. It could be an infrared or fan-forced heating element. The fan-forced heating system uses the use of a blower to push air through the heater into your space. The infrared heating system is more efficient and produces less visible heat.

The material used in the electric fireplace is also important. Take note of the color and finish on the other furniture pieces you have in the room. You might also have carpets or wood floors that you’d like to blend with the fireplace. Certain manufacturers offer a variety of finishes, such as stainless steel, chrome, and glass.

If you are looking through the options, you can search for products that can be put within your home on top of the fireplace or in walls. This will make the installation process more simple and speedier. Certain models, like the Allusion, can be fully recessed into 2×6 framed walls and come with an option to trim any protrusion from the frame.

In addition to the flame display, it is important to also determine if the fireplace has a range of flame colors and bed media colors. You can change the appearance of your fireplace on a regular basis and create different moods in your home. You can have the flames automatically rotate through different colors. This will create an enchanting effect. The unit should also have features such as timers, crackling smoke, artificial smoke, adjustable flame brightness, and remote control.

Flame Colors

When you are choosing a new electric fireplace, you want to ensure that it has the correct flame design to complement your decor. Find a fireplace that has realistic flame effects and glowing embers that are similar to the look of a real wood burning fireplace. Consider the number of heat levels and a remote control that operates the display of flames and heater independently. This lets you enjoy the warmth of a fireplace without heating your room and can help cut down on energy bills.

Certain models employ advanced LED technology to create an authentic flame look. Some models have 3D flame effects which add depth to an image. Some electric fireplaces also can be adjusted to change the color of the flames and alter their motion. These options can add a level of authenticity to your home that you won’t find with simple flat panel models.

The flame display on an electric fireplace that is mounted on the wall can make or ruin its appearance. Choose a fireplace that can produce a high-quality flame image and has a choice of ember bed options, including glass crystals, logs and driftwood rock. Make sure that the colors of the flame and the ember colors can be adjusted to create a dramatic or relaxing effect based on the mood you’d like to set.

Many electric fireplaces have a variety of frame and surround options to choose from to ensure you find one that matches your current decor. If you’re looking to get a modern elegant style, there are fireplaces that are made of stainless steel as well as other minimalist components. There are also options with wood carvings and the full mantel to give an older-fashioned look.

Another option to think about is an electric inset fireplace. These models have the same heating capabilities as a wall-mounted electric fireplace, but are built inside your fireplace rather than sitting on the top. They can be recessed into your wall to give it a more elegant appearance.

Some electric fireplaces come with the effect of a chemical flame. It utilizes a can of the chemical that ignites inside the fireplace. This effect is more authentic than other flame technologies but it can be messy and hazardous. Other models, Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace such as the Dimplex OptiV Solo built-in Electric Fireplace, use advanced screen technology to play a video of real flames on loop. This can produce an incredible flame effect, which is difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

Remote Control

An electric wall-mounted fireplace is a fashionable and functional feature for any house. With a remote control, a user can easily alter the heat output, flame colors and even adjust the brightness of LED lights. Certain models also come with an inbuilt fan that comes on when the temperature of the fire’s core increases to a level that is too high.

It is a good idea to do this prior to beginning any installation process, to make sure that your fireplace is working properly. If everything is working just as it should, plug it in and test the effects of heat and flame. It is crucial to choose a location that allows the fireplace to be plugged in without the need for an extension cord.

Follow the directions in the manual to attach the fireplace to the wall after you have selected the right spot. This is usually accomplished in two steps – first you will need to connect the firebox to the bracket, and then put the screen over it. Some fires come as one unit that can be hung on the wall without any extra work. Once it’s on the wall it’s recommended to clean up any cables particularly since it will be visible.

Most electric fireplaces have some sort of safety features that help stop the heater from overheating. Certain electric fireplaces come with safety features that prevent overheating. These include the possibility of a fan turning on when the core temperature of the unit gets too hot, a cutout switch that will turn off power if the heater gets too hot, or the thermostat dial that allows you to set the desired temperature.

Depending on the type of fire, heat may be released from the front, top or bottom, so it is crucial to ensure there are no obstructions in the area where you intend to hang the fireplace. It is recommended to also read the instruction manual for the fireplace you intend to put in to learn how it operates and the safety precautions you must follow.

It’s not difficult to see the reason wall-mounted electric fireplaces are a popular option for homeowners across Canada. These easy-to use, space-saving appliances will complement any design of your home.