It's The Ugly Truth About Car Ghost Immobiliser

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Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser Cost

Ghost 2 is a new technology that stops vehicle theft in two ways. It prevents cloning of your car keys, and also prevents thieves from starting the car. It does this by communicating with the ECU through buttons on your dashboard or steering wheel.

It is not detectable, and the diagnostic equipment is unable to detect it. It also requires an unique PIN code that only the owner knows.


The loss of your vehicle isn’t just a source of distress and frustrating, but the cost of replacing or repairing your car could be costly as well. With this in mind, it is crucial to invest in a security system that will prevent your car from being taken. One alternative is a Ghost immobiliser that works by stopping your car from starting unless a special sequence of buttons is pressed, similar to how you input the password on your phone.

This device can help you save money on your car insurance by protecting your vehicle from theft through contactless. Many insurance companies realize that these devices can be a useful security measure against thieves, and will therefore offer you lower prices on your insurance for your car.

The Autowatch Ghost ll is a discrete immobiliser that can be installed in your car without causing any harm. It does not require any additional components and works by using buttons in the factory to generate an unique PIN code. The Autowatch Ghost-II is a more advanced version of the original Autowatch Ghost that is designed to protect against key cloning, hacking and vehicle swipes.

It is possible for the Ghost immobiliser to be bypassed, but it would require sophisticated equipment and the ability to operate it. It is also difficult for thieves to understand the button sequence required to use the device which means that you and your family members can easily use it.

Autowatch Ghost ADR is another option, which can be programmed and installed by Just Jeeps’ certified installers. This unique immobiliser doesn’t work on the traditional CAN bus protocol and cannot communicate with your engine control unit (ECU). This means it can’t be tampered with, and can only be started only when the ADR application is turned on and within range of the vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost ADR can be coupled with your mobile phone, allowing you to have a complete solution for your security needs for your vehicle. It makes use of the GPS of your smartphone to determine your location, and notify you when your car is moved, or even turned off, even when it is parked in public spaces. It is also able to locate the vehicle in case it is stolen, and also to notify thieves via your phone to inform them that the vehicle has been reported.


ghost immobiliser near me immobiliser systems are an effective way to protect your vehicle from theft. It stops your vehicle from starting until a PIN code is entered. It is undetectable to modern thieves using diagnostic tools as it doesn’t block radio signals, which makes it a highly secure method of protection. It can be used to prevent key hacking or cloning. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your car. It is a great option for people who have invested a lot of time and money into personalising or maintaining their vehicles.

Contrary to physical deterrents against theft such as steering wheel locks or wheel clamps, Ghost is discreetly installed within your vehicle and is virtually impossible to be detected by thieves. It makes use of existing buttons such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or central consoles to create an unique, changeable PIN code sequence that needs to be entered before the vehicle can start. You can decide to create a sequence as long as 20 presses.

This technology is very easy to use and doesn’t require additional hardware. It works by connecting the CAN bus to your car. It is undetectable by thieves using diagnostic tools as there are no omitted signals and it is completely silent when in operation. It is not affected by jamming or spoofing because it doesn’t transmit any information to the original remote fob for the car key.

The Autowatch Ghost 2 is a high-end security device that is ideal for protecting your vehicle from theft of keys as well as key cloning and hacking. It is a powerful security device that deters thieves and it can be disabled by a Bluetooth Tag or mobile application on your smartphone. It is simple to install and comes with an instruction manual as well as an emergency card and two Autowatch window stickers.

Ghost 2 is the newest generation of CAN bus immobiliser technology. It provides extreme security, with no need for unsightly wires and additional key fobs. It is undetectable, and generates a unique code by using your existing buttons. The code must be entered to start the vehicle. It can also monitor your vehicle for damage and vibrations and can send an emergency PIN code to the owner’s mobile when it’s been played with. It also works with a variety of GPS tracking systems and can be used with many different apps to provide additional convenience.


Autowatch Ghost 2 immobilisers are designed to combat recent car crimes with the owner keys. They stop theft in two different ways. It stops your vehicle from being copied & will stop your car from being driven or started if the security pin has not been entered. Unlike traditional car alarms & key fob remotes that can be removed or hacked from your vehicle, this one is integrated directly into the CANbus system of the vehicle. It is totally undetectable and does not interfere with existing technology in vehicles.

This is the only aftermarket CAN Bus immobiliser which does not require an additional control or part replacement in your vehicle. Instead it uses the buttons already present in your vehicle (such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or center console) to make an individual, changeable pin code sequence up to 20 presses long. This unique PIN has to be entered before the engine can be started. The system is completely silent, and there are no LED indicators to show that it is installed in your car. The device does not transmit radio signals like a standard car alarm and is therefore inaccessible to modern thieves who employ diagnostics or look for Ghost immobiliser the tell-tale clicking of the usual relay style immobiliser.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser communicates directly with the vehicle’s ECU through the CAN data circuit. This is a completely wireless connection, so no wires or Ghost Immobiliser other components are required and it is completely invisible to anyone who doesn’t have access to your vehicle’s CANbus system. This also means that it will not interfere with the operation of your vehicle in any way, whether as a normal system or as an aftermarket device.

The Autowatch Ghost is the smallest system of its kind, measuring just 1.3cm in length and is installed during the service or valeting process by one of our skilled technicians. It is fully insured by TASSA, and it will not be affected if professional thieves use techniques like scanning RFs, spoofing or code grabbing, since it does not rely on radio frequencies. This makes it one of the most sophisticated and cost-effective security solutions available today.


The Ghost Immobiliser stops thieves from starting your vehicle. It works by sending a discrete sequence of pin codes via the buttons that are already present in your vehicle. This makes it inaccessible to anyone who steps inside your vehicle and makes it an effective deterrent for car criminals. It also works with the feature of silent engine lock, which blocks your vehicle from being driven. It can’t be snuffed out by criminals using diagnostic tools to duplicate keys or hack the system.

The system also blocks signal jamming and device spoofing, all of the methods that thieves employ to circumvent immobilisers that are standard. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your car, and can save money on insurance premiums.

Ghost is the first CAN bus immobiliser aftermarket. It protects your vehicle from hacking, key cloning, and key theft in a way that is unlike anything is available on the market today. It uses buttons on your vehicle like those found on the steering wheel or door panels to create a unique changeable PIN code. The sequence can be up 20 digits. You must enter the sequence before you are able to start your vehicle. There is also a mode of service that allows you to temporarily start and drive your car without the PIN code.

It’s worth investing in the technology if you’ve spent an enormous amount of money and time customising your vehicle or have an expensive or rare vehicle. The Ghost immobiliser, which is a hidden and tamper-proof security system that is difficult to remove by a typical car theft thief. It also does not leave any trace after installation, so the appearance of your car won’t be affected.

The Autowatch Ghost is a tamperproof immobiliser that connects to the vehicles ECU and communicates with it through the CAN Data circuit. The system is completely quiet, meaning thieves aren’t able to hack into it to get around it like they have done in recent times using other systems, such as the OBD port hacks. It is also undetectable by any diagnostic equipment a thief might have because it doesn’t emit radio signals.