Side By Side Fridge Freezer Under Counter: What's The Only Thing Nobody Is Talking About

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Zanussi Under Counter Side By Side Fridge Freezer Review

There are a myriad of options when you are looking for a new refrigerator. side by side fridge freezer for sale-by-side refrigerators offer premium comfort and storage that is efficient and are a stunning addition to any kitchen.

This refrigerator has plenty of space in the fridge to store your daily shopping including two VitaFresh containers. It also has a huge freezer compartment which is ideal for storing leftover shepherds pie and frozen peas!


With a great A+ energy rating, this Fastanstic Zanussi fridge freezer is a great option for those who wish to save money on their electric bill. The clever AirFlow+ fan can move cool air so that food stays cooler for a longer time. It also has a convenient half-width salad drawer that’s ideal for vegetables such as turnips and courgettes. This fridge freezer has a total capacity of 160 Litres (Net) with three shelves for the fridge as well as two full height freezer drawers with bright LED lighting and an internal electronic control.

This refrigerator freezer comes with an alert that sounds when the door is opened to alert you when the door of your fridge is open. This is particularly useful when there are children in the house, as it helps to ensure that food is safe and prevent accidents. You can pick a model with a hinge that can be reversed to choose which way your refrigerator opens.

There’s also a smart function in this Zanussi fridge freezer that lets you to monitor the temperature of your appliance using your tablet or smartphone, so you can ensure it’s functioning at its highest. This can be particularly helpful if you’re planning to make use of your freezer to store frozen items like meat, vegetables and fish.

Energy efficiency

Refrigerators and freezers run constantly, and they use up tons of energy. New models consume less energy and can reduce your consumption of carbon by replacing older models with A-rated models. Energy monitors that plug into your appliance will inform you how much power your fridge or freezer consumes in a year.

The Zanussi ZEAN82FR refrigerator under the counter has a 95-litre capacity (net) that means you’ll have plenty of room to store your fresh food. There’s space on the door for storing juice, milk and condiments. A salad drawer keeps your fruits as well as vegetables crisp and crunchy.

Three drawers are located in the freezer. The middle drawer is larger and can be used to store larger items. You can also adjust the shelves to fit your grocery needs. It’s easy to see what’s in the freezer in glance with the glass shelves and clear plastic door.

Connect this undercounter refrigerator freezer to your home Wi Fi to receive updates and other features, including an energy and food journal, monitoring, a personalized welcome, and recipes. With a programmable timer you can schedule the freezer to defrost at times that suit you best. This model has an alarm for doors, and can be recessed under your worktop, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your kitchen.


Simple and stylish, this fridge freezer will be a perfect fit for any kitchen. The stainless steel finish and anti-fingerprint glass make it easy to clean. There’s plenty of storage space with 4 fridge shelves and a separate salad drawer, and a full-width bottle rack. The shelves are narrow and a bit cramped for higher-end items.

The freezer comes with an Auto Defrost feature that will automatically defrost the fridge at the same time, which saves you time and effort. The freezer houses three freezer draws with different sizes, so there is plenty of space to store your weekly food items. The middle drawer is bigger than the other two and is perfect for storing large frozen items like joints of meat.

Blast chilling is a great method to prepare fresh food that lasts longer because it helps to preserve the texture, appearance, and nutritional value of your meals. This freezer comes with a Quick Chill feature that is perfect for quickly chilling new purchases without raising the temperature of food that is already in use. With the Beko Connect app you can monitor and manage your fridge freezer from afar and stay on top of your weekly shop even when you’re on the move. This is an excellent feature for those living hectic lifestyles who often buy food at the store.


This frost-free 70/30 fridge freezer comes with many innovative features that keep your food fresher for longer. Separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer ensure that your food is maintained in the best conditions, Side by side fridge freezer For Sale while preventing bacteria or odours spreading to other food items.

Specialized drawers can be used to store various kinds of ingredients, ensuring that they stay them in the best condition for a longer. For example the deli drawers are perfect for storing meats that are perishable and cheeses, while crisper drawers can be adjusted in humidity to accommodate thick-skinned vegetables and side by side fridge Freezer for sale fruits such as apples and peppers. This lets you enjoy market-fresh foods throughout the week.

Controlling your side by side by side fridge freezer for sale freezer and fridge can help you save money on food and reduce food waste. Start by cleaning out the fridge and dividing storage areas to specific items. This will make it easier for everyone within the household to find what they require and will prevent the refrigerator from becoming too full.

The Zanussi fridge application allows you to keep an eye on your blast freezer in real-time from anywhere, and also receive useful notifications when it is time to schedule maintenance. The app will also notify you of any issues that could be affecting the fridge, allowing you to solve them quickly and efficiently. The refrigerator will even remind you to change your bags of ice so that you have enough.