Ten Ways To Build Your Bmw Car Key Cover Empire

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BMW Car Key Cover

Protect your bmw car key from scratches and stains with this tough key case. The case is made of dry carbon fiber and fits perfectly around the BMW key fob. It also prevents buttons from accidentally being pressed and features stylish black colouring.

The cover is compatible with the majority of BMW models that have a 3 or 4 button smart key. Please check your key against the picture above to ensure that it is a perfect fit.

Product description

The BMW car key cover was designed to fit a variety of BMW models that utilise the 3 or 4 button smart keys. It is manufactured from a durable TPU which has been strengthened with rubber and elastic to provide a strong shield against drops/falls whilst still being comfortable to hold. Its design is meant to be bold and exotic while also providing distinctive style to your vehicle.

This key cover is secured with a clip-on design that is very simple to install. Remove the existing key and insert it into the new cover. This will stop the button from being accidentally pressing while driving, and will ensure that your key cover stays in place.

This BMW key cover has been specifically designed for cars equipped with keyless go. The case is secured on all four sides, providing the best protection against dirt, scratches and other damages. The case also has a special opening or slot on the side that allows it to be used with traditional ignition keys with an adjustable bit that folds to the side. Unless stated otherwise ornamental materials, like carabiners and leather straps are not included in the delivery.


BMW key covers are constructed from top-quality materials, which provide superior protection for your smart key. They are closed on all sides and shield against scratches, dirt, and moisture. They also prevent buttons from accidentally being pressed. They also make a beautiful design, and look great when paired with a key fob.

The silhouette and proportions of a car are the basis of its design. Among these are short overhangs, a long the hood, and a recessed greenhouse. These elements are a clear representation of the brand’s style and make the car unique in appearance. BMW’s distinctive proportions and silhouette are the most important aspect of its appearance, regardless whether it’s being driving or BMW Key parked.

The car key cover is made from zinc alloy that is high-precision, which makes it extremely robust and stylish. The cover is also designed to guard the key fob against dirt, Bmw key scratches and dust. The 360-degree coverage of the cover protects the key fob like a glove and does not interfere with the signal. The BMW logo on the cover adds a touch luxury. The case comes in various colours to match the colour of your car keys. It’s a great way to show off your passion for the car you drive.


For those who want to secure their keys with stylish cases that looks good, the BMW M Performance Carbon and Alcantara Key Case offers elegance and distinctive design details right from the factory. The Carbon and Alcantara materials are carefully selected to ensure the best quality. The key case features an embossed ///M Logo.

The case is completely closed on all sides and secured by a metal clasp. This provides optimal protection from moisture, dirt, and scratches. It also prevents buttons from accidentally pressing and features black colouring that is perfect for the car key.

Some people opt for pouches that block signals to guard their key fobs from thieves and hackers. Despite BMW’s advanced security system, it is possible for third-party organizations to broadcast the signal that unlocks your vehicle, so it is wise to keep your key fob in a case that blocks these signals.

BMW’s more sophisticated fobs such as the Display Key with touchscreen have an additional key blade in them that can be used to open the doors. This internal blade is useful for those without a place to store their keys or who prefer the feel of an ordinary key.


The BMW key case combines style and functionality. The premium blend of carbon fibre and Alcantara is highly captivating and a clear reflection of the driver’s passion for motorsports. The key is firmly attached to the case using an socket head screw BMW M Blue and is therefore securely secured from damage.

The cover that protects the traditional ignition key that has a folding keys allows the battery to also be replaced without removing the cover. This prevents the occurrence of annoying errors or malfunctions when starting your BMW.

Replace the key fob batteries in your BMW every two years. So you’ll have the newest technology to unlock your vehicle and start your engine and utilize all of your Comfort Access features. Johns Creek BMW offers a replacement bmw key cost battery CR2032-sized to make this easy.