The Advanced Guide To Fridge Freezer

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How to Choose a 50/50 Fridge Freezer

A 50/50 refrigerator freezer is divided into two equally-sized compartments for storing chilled and frozen foods. These freestanding appliances are available in different sizes and colours to match your kitchen.

You can also select a tall, integrated unit that can be incorporated into a home and has doors with modern design. They’re usually hinged on the left or right to fit the layout of your kitchen.


One of the most important aspects when purchasing a fridge freezer is its capacity. It is measured in litres and is helpful when comparing models. At AO we convert this to bags of shopping, making it even easier to compare fridge freezer sizes. Consider your family’s needs to determine the right size for your needs.

A 50:50 fridge freezer comes with equal fridge and freezer space, ideal for families that prefer to store fresh food. With plenty of shelf space These appliances are equipped with adjustable shelves, door racks and a drawer for salads to keep all your vegetables and fruits fresher for longer. The refrigerator section also features an elegant wine rack made of chrome wire, making it easy to store all your favorite bottles.

If you’re a huge lover of frozen food A 60/40 fridge freezer is suited to your requirements. These freezers are great for busy families who frequently purchase frozen food in bulk and prefer to keep fridge space for milk and yogurt, as well as freshly cut fruits. These models have more freezer space compared to their 50:50 counterparts. They also feature generously sized drawers for easy access as well as a clear front design.

A fridge freezer that is integrated is integrated to your kitchen, therefore it’s important to measure the available space before buying. You’ll need to make sure that it is able to fit comfortably inside the cabinet doors, and doesn’t interfere in any way with other appliances. You may also need to leave extra space around the appliance to allow for ventilation.

Candy’s Integrated Fridge Freezer is a elegant and practical choice for your home. This compact appliance has an impressive 87 litres of storage space inside the fridge compartment, with four shelves, two door racks and an ice maker to hold all your favourite groceries. The EcoAirflow technology and LED lights that are low-wattage to regulate the temperature and humidity. Party Mode activates the Super Cool feature to chill drinks and creates extra Ice.

Energy efficiency

Refrigerator freezers use a lot of energy, which is why you should choose models with high energy efficiency ratings. Choosing an appliance that has a higher energy rating will reduce your energy bills and help reduce carbon emissions. These fridges may cost a bit more initially but the savings they bring on your energy bills will pay for Fridge Freezers themselves in time.

The energy efficiency of a refrigerator-freezer is determined by its energy consumption and how much heat it releases. Look for an energy label with an overall rating of A to G. Then, look at the icons to see how the frozen and chilled compartments have been assessed.

Refrigerators with an A+++ rating are the most energy efficient. They consume less than 150 kWh per year, which is considerably less than the UK average of 185 per year. A+++ model consumes less gas compared to other fridges and freezes which makes them more safe for the environment.

You can also use the EU’s EPREL database to find out the efficiency of an appliance. Simply hover your phone over QR codes on the label for energy. You will then be taken to the product page on the database that provides complete information on the fridge’s energy usage and emissions.

Other important aspects to consider are whether the model is frost-free as well as how easy it is to clean. Fridge-freezers that have an option to avoid frost don’t need defrosting. This can save you time and effort when it comes to removing and cleaning the ice. It’s also recommended to select an appliance with the ability to deep freeze, which can help keep frozen food fresher for longer.

The fridge freezers, click through the up coming internet page, that are equipped with smart technology will monitor the amount of food you have and warn you if you’re running out of food. Some fridges have cameras that let you see what’s inside without opening the door. These are handy for keeping an eye on leftovers or shopping. You can also find innovative features like LG’s NatureFresh Technology that circulates cool air to keep food from rotting.


When selecting a model, the design is crucial because it can affect how easily you can store and access food. Some models have features that can help keep food fresher for longer and help reduce food waste, for instance LED lighting or humidity controls. There’s also a salad drawer or CrispZone that can be adjusted for various types of produce. This is especially useful in the event that you intend to put your refrigerator-freezer’s integrated feature in a garage or outbuilding where the temperature could be lower than in a kitchen.

The layout of the fridge and freezer compartments will also differ according to model, with some fridge freezer freestanding-freezers offer 50/50 splits or 70/30 options in which the freezer is bigger than the fridge. Some fridge-freezers come with a reversible doors to allow you to place them in any position your kitchen allows. This can be particularly helpful if you’re limited on space in your kitchen as it lets you make the most of your available room.

For instance, this frost-free fridge freezer from Beko has a large capacity of 185 litres, which can hold approximately 14 bags of groceries and has glass shelves that can be moved up or down based on what type of containers you have. It comes with an interior compartment for salads that maintains the humidity to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher longer. You can even adjust the door tray to accommodate taller bottles and Jars.

This fridge-freezer is also equipped with the feature of NoFrost which means you don’t have to manually defrost the unit. This saves both time and energy. It also features the Super Cool function which quickly chills new food items and beverages. It’s a clever fridge-freezer that is available in a variety of finishes so you can blend it into your kitchen’s decor. It also has plenty of handy storage compartments, including a BigBox in the freezer, VitaFresh fruit and veg drawer, and an EasyAccess shelf.


When choosing a refrigerator freezer, capacity for storage is an important consideration. You want to ensure that it is big enough to hold everything you eat and drink. The interior space may differ greatly between models and it’s a good idea to compare specifications closely. You might find that some have more drawers, shelves or door storage than others. You should also look at how flexible this storage is, as some can be moved to accommodate various sizes of containers and bottles.

Despite its compact footprint this Hisense model is astonishing with a 236L gross capacity. It is divided across four glass shelves with three door racks as well as an even more spacious drawer inside the fridge compartment. The shelves can be adjusted, allowing you to fit tall items such as milk bottles with ease. This fridge freezer boasts Total No-Frost technology, a handy feature that removes the need for an ice scraper and helps to reduce energy and time. There’s even a slide-out shelf at the top of the freezer, perfect to store ice cube tray storage.

If you entertain a lot you can also choose to activate Party Mode which rapidly chills drinks and also makes additional Ice. The fridge freezer near me is equipped with a salad drawer that keeps moisture to keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Holiday Mode is perfect for families who are on the move. It keeps your energy bills low and odours at bay when you’re away.

This is a stylish fridge-freezer that looks great in any kitchen. You can pick from a range of colors and finishes to complement your decor. Chrome and stainless steel models have a contemporary look, while classic white fridge-freezers are a budget-friendly choice. A majority of these models are covered by either a one or two-year manufacturer’s guarantee that gives you peace of mind in case of any problems. There’s a range of features, like air quality sensors and LED lighting, that you can pick from. Some of these features will raise the cost and you must consider your budget and personal preferences prior to purchasing.