The History Of Under Counter Side By Side Fridge Freezer 90cm

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Integrated Fridge Freezer Side by Side

A fully integrated fridge freezer side by side makes a striking statement in any kitchen. Look out for No Frost technology that cuts down on defrosting, as well as clever features that allow you to access your food more easily and quickly.

Choose from our range of American-style refrigerators, bottom mount fridge freezers and Euro style combinations to find the perfect fit for your home. Find the perfect combination, whether you want to save on your weekly shopping or buy fresh ingredients.


A fridge freezer that is side-by-side provides the most storage space for fresh and frozen food items. The sleek design and useful intelligent controls make this an attractive choice for your kitchen. You can also pick one with reversible doors that can be adjusted to different kitchen layouts and individual preferences. If you are looking for a fridge that has added convenience, try one that has No Frost technology. This will not only save you time and effort, it can help you reduce your energy use too.

A modern integrated fridge freezer is integrated into your cabinetry, giving it a seamless look. These fridge freezers come in a variety of finishes that complement cabinets for a truly custom kitchen. They are smaller than refrigerator freezers that are freestanding and therefore are able to fit into a variety of sizes and configurations.

Our fully integrated models are ideal to be paired with other appliances, such as an oven or dishwasher. They can also be used to house a wine fridge. The under counter Fridge freezer side by side can be a full-sized fridge or a bottom-mount refrigerator with hinges that can be reversible to will match the cabinetry.

Liebherr’s Monolith range lets you create the ultimate side-by-side refrigerator pair, under counter fridge freezer side by side based on your family needs and preferences for shopping. For instance, you can pair two of our 60cm wide models (SICBN 3366 and SICBN 3366) with each other to ensure enough space for both frozen and fresh foods. You can also select a bottom-mount freezer and pair it with a refrigerator that is equipped with BioFresh. This feature stops over-ripening of fruits and vegetables by absorbing the ethylene gas.


Integrated fridge freezer side by sides are designed to blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry and provide a chic and sophisticated appearance. They’re typically smaller than freestanding models to accommodate their installation method but don’t fret – you can still get plenty of storage space with an integrated fridge.

Some models have narrow double doors that can fit into smaller spaces. Others come with wide double doors that offer more space for food and drinks. They also offer the option of having hinges that are reversible so you can decide how you open your door to match your kitchen layout or personal preference.

If you’re looking for a side-by-side fridge-freezer with an ice and water dispenser, ensure that it’s built into the unit to keep your kitchen looking tidy and modern. It’s not always possible to do this when replacing an appliance. It’s nevertheless important to check if you’re buying a new one.

Our range of integrated fridge freezers comes with models with bottom mounts that can be paired with french or upright refrigerators to make a side-by-side combination. You can customize your fridge freezer by adding features like BioFresh (0degC) which ensures fresh fruit and vegetables in good condition, water dispensers inside and gallon door storage.


The freezers in the fridge are running all the all the time, which means they consume a lot energy. You can save money on your electric bills by opting for a high-efficiency model.

This model has an impressive rating of ‘A+’ for energy efficiency, which means it uses less than half the amount of power as a standard fridge freezer. It’s a fantastic result, and makes this integrated refrigerator freezer an affordable choice for many homeowners.

It also has a number of smart features designed to make refrigeration more efficient and environmentally friendly. The BioFresh zone keeps fruits and vegetables fresher and more crisp for Under counter fridge freezer side by side longer, while the active oxygen feature releases trioxygen molecules that help in the elimination of bacteria.

The fridge portion of this model has a frost-free option which will spare you the hassle and time of defrosting by hand. It’s ENERGY STAR-qualified and is an ideal choice for those seeking a fridge freezer that is energy-efficient.

This side-by-side by side fridge freezer combo refrigerator can be an excellent addition to any kitchen. It’s able to blend seamlessly with custom cabinets due to its flush design. It can even be customised with wood panels for a completely custom look if you prefer.


The storage options that are available in an integrated fridge freezer side by side will differ according to the model you pick. Certain models have four shelves for the freezer and refrigerator sections, while others will have door bins, or a deli cabinet, to store items that are easy reach, such as condiments. There are also models that have gallon-sized doors for large containers of milk or juice.

A lot of these appliances include an makers of ice as well. Dual icemakers are able to store and serve the ice, whereas a single one only stores it. Some models have a built-in water dispenser which reduces space and offers easy access to clean, filtered water.

These refrigerators are usually coated in sleek stainless steel. This contemporary design can be paired with a wide range of kitchen designs. Certain models are available in finishes that help reduce fingerprints and streaks. You can pick a refrigerator equipped with self-cleaning functions that eliminate food residue and bacteria. Certain manufacturers permit you to alter the look of your fridge by providing cabinet panels that seamlessly integrate with the rest of your kitchen’s decor. This option is perfect for those looking to create a unique design without the expense or hassle of replacing cabinets.