Watch Out: How Erb's Palsy Attorney Is Taking Over And What Can We Do About It

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Filing an Erb’s Palsy Lawsuit

A lawsuit could provide families with financial compensation to help pay for the treatment of their child. It can also help hold medical professionals accountable for injuries to the brachial plexus that could be prevented.

This case involves a child who was diagnosed with Erb’s palsy due to complications during her birth. The birth was breech and shoulder dystocia (when the child’s shoulders become stuck during birth). Her injury was caused by medical negligence.

What is the cause of Erb’s Palsy?

The brachialplexus nerve system is located in the shoulder and neck which sends signals to muscles in the hands, fingers, and arms. Erb’s Palsy may occur when this nerve system becomes damaged.

This is a common occurrence when there are difficult births, long labors and breech births. In the event of a difficult birth doctors may have to use force to push the baby through the vaginal tube. This may stretch the neck or head of the baby. This could cause a traction injury where the nerves are stretched. If the force is too great it could cause ruptures in which nerves are torn away from their spinal cord.

The majority of children with Erb’s Palsy will recover completely and have no lasting damage. However, this condition can cause weakness, a limited range of motion, and a obvious difference between dominant and non-dominant hand. Treatment may include physical therapy to speed up the natural healing process and to assist them in achieving more movement and feel in their affected hand quicker.

How do I tell If My Child Is Having Erb’s Palsy?

The symptoms of erb’s spalsy are weakness or paralysis–to varying degrees in the arm and shoulder. The good news is that the majority of children born with the condition have full recovery, but their condition can be permanent.

The brachial nerve connects the neck, (clavicle) and torso with the spinal cord. This allows for movement, sensation, and support of the arm, hand and shoulder. The nerve can be injured by stretching or pulling it.

Involvement in difficult delivery and the use of force during childbirth, large baby size, breech presentation and a long second stage of labor are common risk factors for this type of injury.

A doctor can diagnose erb’s palsy by conducting an EMG which determines how well muscles and nerves function. The doctor might also recommend an MRI, CT, or other imaging tests to get pictures of the inside of the body. They can determine if the erb’s are an avulsion, a nerve or a neuropraxia. This is a neuropathy that occurs when a nerve is stretched instead of torn away from the spine. Certain cases of erb’s paralysis require surgery, which involves the splicing and grafting of healthy nerves.

What Can I Do to Determine if Medical malpractice has caused my child’s Erb’s Palsy?

A child who is suffering from Erb’s palsy should seek medical treatment. The treatment may be costly and can last for a number of months or even years. Medical malpractice lawsuits can assist families to pay for the cost of this care.

Erb’s palsy is caused by injuries to the upper nerves of the brachial nerve plexus during a difficult or prolonged delivery. This type of injury is usually caused by traction or stretching the nerves of the shoulder during a difficult delivery for erb’s palsy Law Firms example, when a large baby or a petite woman is involved.

To file a medical negligence case, the plaintiff needs to show that the healthcare professional did not adhere to the standards of care appropriate for the role and position in the scenario. Expert testimony can be used to show this. Medical malpractice claims are based upon the actions of healthcare professionals, therefore it is crucial to choose an attorney with experience in these cases. This will give you the best chance to prove that your child’s Erb’s palsy was the result of medical negligence.

What is the value of erb’s palsy law Firms ( Palsy Case Verdicts Worth?

The severity of the Erb’s palsy case for your child will determine how you’ll be able to receive compensation. It is important to speak with an attorney for birth injuries as soon as you can if you suspect medical malpractice.

If you win your Erb’s palsy lawsuit You could receive substantial financial compensation for current and future medical expenses for your child. This includes therapy, surgeries and assistive devices, among others.

Some children’s Erb palsy will heal itself with time, but other children may need surgery to repair avulsions or tears of the brachial nerves. If this is the case you may be entitled even to more severe damages.

The majority of lawsuits involving Erb’s Palsy are settled out of court and the defendant will pay you an amount set to settle your dispute without going to trial. If you’re unable reach an agreement with the defendant, then your lawyer will prepare a trial by assembling evidence and bringing in medical malpractice experts to support your claims. This includes medical records, evidence from witnesses and expert witness testimony. Then, your lawyer will present your case before the jury and a judge.

How can an Erb’s Palsy lawyer assist me?

Many parents seek legal advice when their child suffers birth injuries. These injuries could be caused by medical negligence by doctors or other hospital personnel. A qualified Erb’s Palsy lawyer can help you determine whether the injury suffered by your child was caused by medical negligence and help you navigate legal procedures.

If your child’s shoulder dystocia was due to a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence the hospital or doctor could be responsible for your child’s damages. These damages may include reimbursement for medical bills or lost wages, as well as pain and discomfort.

A reputable Erb’s palsy lawyer will determine if the child’s injury resulted from medical malpractice. Then, you can build a solid case on your behalf to hold the accountable party accountable for their actions.

The conditions that cause shoulder dystocia are usually easily preventable and foreseeable. If medical professionals fail to take the proper precautions, they may be held accountable for any injuries that occur as a result. A successful lawsuit could result in a substantial settlement and a lifetime of medical care. An experienced lawyer in Erb’s psy will make sure that you receive the amount you are entitled to.