Why The Biggest "Myths" About Best 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Could Be True

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18-wheeler trucks are huge vehicles that pose a major danger to other motorists on the road. They are often involved in serious accidents that cause severe injuries or even death.

The first step towards recovering the monetary damages from an 18-wheeler crash is to employ an attorney who specializes in personal injury. A qualified legal team can assist in constructing a solid case with evidence that includes:


Truckers who are tired are responsible for many 18-wheeler collisions. These accidents are usually fatal and can cause severe injuries. When truck drivers are fatigued they are also more likely to disregard federal regulations and risk their lives. This includes speeding, using stimulants to combat fatigue, as well as inattention.

It is against federal law to operate commercial motor vehicles when sleepy. Unscrupulous transport companies, however, put excessive demands on truck drivers. They force them to skip breaks and falsify log books. Driving tired is risky for all motorists on the road.

Tiredness in truck drivers can be caused by a poor diet and irregular schedules. Some people are enticed to eat fast food at gas stations or convenience stores. These foods are usually filled with simple carbohydrates and fats, which can make truck drivers feel exhausted. Many of these people have irregular sleep patterns, making it difficult for them to get adequate rest. An attorney who is specialized in Gretna 18 wheeler accident lawsuits wheeler accidents can help determine whether truck driver fatigue played a role in the accident.

Maintenance Issues

Truck drivers must be able to meet certain requirements to drive commercial vehicles. Companies and drivers must adhere to Federal regulations on hours of service, safety checks and maintenance. When these laws are ignored or companies cut corners to save money on maintenance the rest of us on the road at risk.

Large truck accidents could involve hazardous and toxic cargo. This includes hazardous materials such as explosive, flammable or radiological substances. These chemicals are transported across every road in America. Hazmat drivers must undergo specialized training in order to safely load and unload their loads. If they fail to adhere to the proper procedures or are not able to handle a truck under poor conditions, they could result in fatal and grave accidents.

Due to their size and large blind spots, 18 wheeler accident lawyer wheelers need longer time to slow or stop than traditional cars do. Other motorists could be injured or even killed if they fail to leave enough room or if their brakes fail. To ensure the safety of these vehicles, all lights including taillights and headlights emergency flashers, turn signals, and so on must be functioning properly.

Excessive weight

Trucks must operate within specific weight limits. If an 18-wheeler is correctly loaded, the weight limit will not exceed 80,000 pounds. However due to negligence or a desire to earn more money, some companies violate these restrictions and allow their trucks to overload. This is a major risk for the safety of everyone who is on the road and can cause severe accidents in the case of an accident.

A truck that is loaded will require more space to stop than smaller vehicles. It also creates blind spots which can cause harm to smaller vehicles. A driver who isn’t experienced might have trouble being able to see out of these areas especially when the truck is turning or changing lanes.

In the event of an incident there could be additional responsible parties besides the truck driver or the trucking company. This could include mechanics that aren’t properly inspecting or servicing trucks, loading crews that do not secure cargo correctly and shipping or transport companies that press drivers to adhere to deadlines. An experienced attorney who specializes in 18 Wheeler Accidents, Tm-Flavor.Com, can determine the parties responsible and investigate their actions. recover damages on behalf of accident victims.

Defective Design

When a huge truck is involved in an accident, the injuries could be devastating. This is due to the massive weight of these trucks, 18 wheeler accidents but it can also be caused by a range of other reasons, such as mechanical failures or defective parts.

The brakes and tires can fail in 18-wheeler accidents. However, there are other problems. For instance, cargo that is not properly loaded could cause the truck to be at the risk of crashing over or colliding with other vehicles on the road. When these problems are not addressed by the trucking company or maintenance service providers, they could cause fatal accidents.

Our team has extensive experience in prosecuting truck and commercial vehicles cases involving defective parts. We also have experience at working with design engineers in establishing the negligence of the manufacturer. We are dedicated to helping our clients receive the justice they are entitled to. We also fight for justice against negligent trucking companies that encourage their drivers to engage in unsafe driving practices, including not obeying safety laws and hurrying to meet unrealistic delivery deadlines.


The litigation involving truck accidents is a tangled legal process because it is a mix of concepts from a variety of fields like chemistry, physics, federal trucking regulations, biology, medicine driving standards, economics and. It is crucial that the victim of a crash seeks the help of an experienced attorney. A lawyer can assist the truck crash victim get an acceptable settlement without having to invest any upfront cash.

The lawyer can also negotiate with insurance companies and parties at fault, who might attempt to profit from a truck accident victim. The lawyer can also assist victims of a collision file a claim in accordance with New York laws and federal laws.

After a crash involving a truck An attorney must act fast to collect evidence including photographs and videos of the scene of the crash the damage to vehicles and structures that were involved in the accident. The attorney should also interview witnesses and look over the black box on the truck. The attorney should also analyze the records of the trucking company including driver logbooks, trucking company records and other documents that prove negligence. The attorney must also decide the damages that are recoverable. This includes both financial losses (medical costs and repairs to property) and 18 Wheeler accidents non-financial damages (pain and mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment in life).