Why We Our Love For Volkswagen Car Keys (And You Should Also!)

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Volkswagen Keys and Fobs

Volkswagen key replacement is a simple task for locksmiths who are professional. We can design a key for any Volkswagen model, whether it is an old or contemporary VW.

Find the seam that separates your fob’s lid from its base. Securely hold the fob and use a screwdriver for prying it out.


volkswagen key cutting service near me (get more info)’s push start technology is a huge benefit for car owners, but it can be frustrating when the key fob’s battery is exhausted or stops working completely. If this occurs to you then the Jennings VW service department in Glenview is ready to help.

First replace the battery on your Volkswagen Key Fob. You will need to use an phillips screwdriver with a flat head and a new cell with CR2032. You can also use a bit of tape to wrap the screwdriver in order to avoid damaging the fob.

If you decide to replace the battery, ensure that it is the same size and voltage as the original battery. If this resolves your issue, it is likely that the switch or actuator for your lock is faulty. If just one door is affected by the problem it’s likely you need to replace either the switch or actuator that is specific to the door.

If the issue is not resolved, you will need to take your Volkswagen to a dealer. They can order a replacement key using your VIN, cut it and manually insert the key into the system of your vehicle. This will allow your vehicle’s system to recognize the RFID in the key and start the engine. This is the most efficient solution to this kind of issue. It won’t work if you simply replace the key with one without the RFID chip in it, since it does not be connected to the car’s computer.


Volkswagen car keys, also known as fobs, include an encoded transponder that sends a message to the vehicle that matches an unique code that is stored in the ignition. Utilizing an onboard process, the vehicle will then be able to use this information to authorize the key and begin the engine. This is a more complex procedure than simply inserting a key into the lock. However it is crucial to make sure that the new key is compatible with the vehicle.

The majority of modern Volkswagens require a special key fob equipped with chips that allow for remote entry and push-start. It is recommended that if you need to replace the key fob on your Volkswagen you bring proof of ownership, current registration for the vehicle, and a driver’s licence.

It is possible to start older Volkswagens using a metal ignition key, but it will require more steps. If you have an old-fashioned VW Beetle, for instance, you will be required to locate the small gap at the bottom of the lock cylinder cap and then wedge your key in. The key blade will then press down and pull the cap off.

A key that is RKE-compatible will come with a keyblade that can be flipped out and in a KESSY compatible key might not even come with one. Both of these keys will contain the Megamos 48 transponder chip that is CAN and can be cut and then paired to your Volkswagen model.


Transponders are an integral part of modern automotive keys and can prevent theft of vehicles because they make it impossible to hot wire your vehicle. The key contains the appearance of the appearance of a Tic-tac. When you insert the key into the ignition the reader coil is activated in the vehicle receiver unit. If the code matches that of the original key the car will start.

These chips emit a unique signals over a specific frequency range. They are therefore difficult to duplicate. They can also be used in satellite communications to transmit information to other devices that are on the spacecraft. They are used by air traffic control to communicate between planes and provide information about the location and altitude of aircrafts.

This key is equipped with the Megamos48 CAN crypt chip and is compatible with a range of VW models. It also has a high-security blade, volkswagen key cutting service near me which can be used to stop key duplicates and ignition lock pick. A locksmith professional can cut it and match it with an existing key. We can offer this service in our store, so you can have your new key in place as soon as you can.


Volkswagen has been at the forefront of key fob technology. Their iconic switchblade type key allowed owners to unlock their lost car keys volkswagen, arm an alarm, and even start the engine with a push of one button. The design is popular on a few SUVs and pickups.

volkswagen key fob replacement developed their technology further in the early 2000s, resulting in smart keys that don’t require the ignition to be inserted. The remote unlocking systems are like your cell phone. They allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely as well as start your car remotely at the press of a single button.

Since 1999, the key fob of most Volkswagen models comes with an immobilizer. This immobilizer is built into the RFID chip that’s located on the back of the key. You can reuse the RFID chip from an old key if you have one. This means you do not have to take your VW to the dealer to buy a new one.

To recycle your old keys take the key ring off and cut it in half. You can then utilize acetone for the removal of the RFID chip. You can reuse the key ring by putting it on a brand new key. Your local dealer will still be required to program the immobilizer.