Will Shark I Robot Vacuum Ever Be The King Of The World?

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The Shark i Robot Vacuum

The Shark i robot vacuum is a excellent mid-range robot. It is capable of cleaning and has some interesting features.

It cleans floors in a thorough manner and employs a row-by-row. It also performs well on rugs and can maneuver over rug tassels.


The Shark i has a number of outstanding features, such as its intelligent navigation technology, as well as a self-emptying dock. Its IQ navigation utilizes an array of grids to clean room-by-room, meaning that no area of your home is overlooked. It also empties its dustbin into the bagless base following each cleaning, which makes it completely hands-free.

The I can also be controlled by Amazon Alexa and the SharkClean App, so there’s no need for a separate remote. The vacuum also has a button at the top of the unit to control the vacuum.

You can use the app to create a profile on your vacuum and name it, then schedule cleanings and check your cleaning history. You can also create virtual boundaries to block the i from entering areas it could get stuck in or knock over fragile objects. You can also select different power modes to save energy when you are working in a tough environment.

Other important features include its NeverStuck technology and the gritty wheels that enable it to get over obstacles such as stairs or floor transitions. It is also able to detect and navigate around obstacles like electrical cords, which are useful for pet owners with small sheds of cats or dogs.

The i comes with three power settings including an energy-saving Eco Mode, a default Normal mode, and a high-power max setting. You can also create custom cleaning schedules for individual floors or rooms, which is ideal if you live in an enormous home that requires frequent cleaning.

It can be programmed to return to its dock on a regular basis and empty its dustbin. However, you must be aware of its battery life since it can overestimate the amount of time left. It could also get confused and restart if you tell the i to ‘Clean Entire Home’, so you have to be cautious when you begin or end it.


The Shark i robot has a elegant design and a classy appearance. The main drive wheels are covered in rubber treads, giving it excellent maneuverability. It’s compact and will be placed under most pieces of furniture. It is able to climb up carpets with high piles and get under couches despite its size.

The robot has several sensors that help map out your home including cliff and boundary sensors. It also has a module to detect and avoids obstacles. The app allows you to alter the settings of the robot and schedule cleaning sessions and see its cleaning history. The app is simple to use, however it lacks the ability to create virtual no-go zones.

The Shark i best robot vacuum for hardwood floors can be an ideal choice for unfinished floors. However, it is not able to remove large amounts of debris, like hair of pets. It can also get stuck on cluttered surfaces. The dirt bin can become full, making it difficult to empty after cleaning. It also doesn’t have a self-emptying dock, so you’ll need to empty its dust bin when it’s full.

The battery of the vacuum is short and runs out frequently before it can return to the base. It is also a bit noisy and the app doesn’t allow you to select certain areas to clean. It’s therefore best robot vacuum For thick Carpet and pet hair used together with a robot vacuum rather than as a stand-alone machine. However, the benefit of being able to delegate your vacuuming tasks to a robot is undeniable. The iRobot Roomba, on the other hand, has superior navigation and mapping capabilities, as well as a self-emptying dock. It’s also a bit cheaper than the Shark i robotic vacuum.

Cleaning Performance

While it can be tricky to adjust to the rumbling noise that comes with every robot vacuum however, the Shark IQ appears to perform quite well in the area of vacuuming. It doesn’t get lost and retrace its steps like older Shark robots (like the ION 85 or RV871). The iQ does a fantastic job at mapping your home by creating a map in the app that lets you name rooms so that it knows which direction to go, making it more efficient than ION 85 in terms of not wasting time going over the same areas again.

It has a hard time with floors that are bare or rug. It can pick up small particles, but pet hair and bulkier objects like cereal and rice can engulf it. In addition the dirt compartment is quickly filled and can start to lose suction power as it fills up, making this robot less than ideal for bare flooring or carpets with high pile. It could also get blocked when it comes in contact with tangled furniture or tipped furniture.

It’s a breeze to eliminate these issues by emptying the bin from its base. The dust bin automatically empties into the bin when it is full. This saves you from having to empty the bin at the end of each run. The large dust bin only requires emptying it every 30 days. This will lower the cost of ownership in the long run.

You can also make use of the SharkClean app to set different cleaning modes and monitor its battery life, create an agenda, view your cleaning history, and even create virtual boundaries that prevent it from entering rooms where it could be entangled or knock over fragile objects. The iQ can also be controlled by remote control, which has directional arrows for guiding it around your home.

Battery Life

Even in its high-suction “Max” mode, this robot vacuum still has a long battery life. It can run for more than an hour at that setting, and it’s sufficient for most cleaning sessions in the majority of rooms. It also has an energy-efficient “Eco” mode that increases the maximum running time of the robot to over 160 minutes. This feature is beneficial for those who frequently change rooms or worry about running out of batteries when using the robot.

This vacuum cleaner also has numerous impressive automation features. Its companion app lets you view the remaining battery life and then send it to a specific room, pause or restart cleaning, and set various power modes. It can also be controlled with voice commands if you own an Google Assistant or Best Robot Vacuum For Thick Carpet And Pet Hair Amazon Alexa device compatible with it. It is equipped with physical boundary markers to keep the robot away from certain areas.

Although it’s maneuverable however, this Shark model isn’t able to soak up large pieces of debris, particularly when its dirt compartment is full. It’s also prone to get stuck on rug tassels and electrical cords, and could get stuck between the legs of chairs.

Overall overall, the Shark IQ robotic vacuum is an excellent choice for those who want an affordable robot that has decent mapping capabilities and easy-to-use features. It’s not superior to the Roborock S7 in most cases. The former is more robust and more robust, is less prone to maintenance requirements, has lower recurring costs, charges quicker, offers a longer maximum battery life, and performs better on floors that are not bare and carpets, and moves over obstacles more easily.