You Will Meet Your Fellow Birth Defect Litigation Enthusiasts. Steve Jobs Of The Birth Defect Litigation Industry

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Birth Defect Lawsuits

Parents wish their children to be perfect, but in some cases that’s not possible. If this happens, it’s vital that parents who are stunned seek the assistance of a seasoned birth defects lawyers.

Medical malpractice, dangerous drugs and environmental exposure can cause serious birth defects and injuries. A New York birth defect law firm can assist you in getting answers.

Medical Malpractice

If a doctor does not follow the accepted standard of practice in his or her region, Birth defect lawsuits it’s deemed medical malpractice. This might involve failing to perform routine prenatal tests, prescribing medication that increases the likelihood of a birth defect or making a misstep during the labor and delivery.

Birth defects and birth injuries can be caused by genetic or environmental causes, but occasionally they occur due to an error or negligence of a physician. If a physician fails to detect congenital problems in utero and fails to inform parents of the problem they may be eligible to file a claim for wrongful birth seeking compensation for all the expenses for their child’s disabilities.

In order to prevail in a medical malpractice case in birth defect cases the plaintiff must show that the doctor owed a breach of duty to the patient, that he failed to fulfill that duty, that his actions or lack of action directly triggered damage and injuries, and that he or she suffered economic and noneconomic damages from the injuries. These damages could include costs of medical bills lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Certain birth injuries and defects can be prevented with timely testing and monitoring during pregnancy. It’s vital for pregnant women follow their doctors’ advice regarding prenatal appointments. If you suspect that medical negligence caused your child’s birth defects you should contact a medical malfeasance and birth injury attorney immediately.

Toxic Chemicals

Every year thousands of children are born with a form of birth defect in the United States. These defects can vary in severity and impact way that a child appears, behaves and performs in life. Some are minor, whereas others can cause serious issues and even lead to death.

The causes of birth defects may be due to genetic anomalies or a wide variety of chemical and environmental factors. Exposure to toxic chemicals, for instance can trigger serious complications in the infant. Our company is committed to bringing employers to account when they expose pregnant women or their unborn children to harmful substances or medications.

It is well-established in the scientific research that certain toxins and chemicals can enter the placenta to affect the unborn baby. These toxins are referred to as teratogenic. Exposure to these teratogenic chemicals can cause birth defects, such as the cleft lip and palate, spina bifida and muscular dystrophy.

While working, many mothers are exposed a variety of toxic chemicals. These chemicals can be inhaled, inhaled or absorbed through the skin of the body. These chemicals include industrial solvents like the ethylene glycol-ethers (EGE) used in the production of semiconductors. Parents can be exposed to these toxic substances when they consume certain over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Many medications have not been properly tested on pregnant woman and may cause birth defects.

Environmental Exposure

Environmental exposure is an important cause of birth defects. Genetic disorders are a common cause but it’s not the only one. The presence of a variety of toxins and chemical compounds in the workplace, at home and in food items can increase the risk of developing birth defects. Pesticides and fungicides are among the most commonly used. Paints, heavy metals heavy pigments, certain chemicals are also included. Exposure to toxic substances is almost always inevitable. However, if companies do not take precautions to protect pregnant employees, they’re negligent and may be held accountable.

Researchers have yet to pinpoint the root of the birth defect. It is possible that a combination between several factors can cause the condition, but the challenge is evaluating these interactions in real time. The National Children’s Study is important since it is currently in process in several states. The NCS will enroll 100,000 women from a representative population and follow them over time, as well as their children. This study will provide comprehensive data on how environmental factors affect the health of infants and children.

Many parents who are suffering from a birth defect in their child feel guilty that they may have contributed to the condition, however it is often the case that these kinds of problems are not a choice. Our birth defect lawyers understand this and are dedicated to helping families seek justice for children who suffer from birth defects.

Product Liability

Many birth defects are caused by a variety of factors ranging from drug and alcohol use during pregnancy to genetics. Fortunately, many of these issues can be prevented. If your child was born with a medical issue that could have been prevented or prevented, you could be entitled to recover damages through a birth defect lawsuit.

A New York birth defect lawyer will be able to assist you determine if your child’s illness was caused by chemical exposure, a drug or another environmental trigger that is eligible for compensation. Depending on the severity of your child’s condition your legal team will also be able calculate the total cost of associated medical expenses that are admissible for compensation.

While the majority of cases are not the result of medical negligence there are instances in which a doctor was negligent prior to or during labor and birth. A doctor could prescribe a medication incorrectly that could harm a baby, even before birth, or may make an error in surgery.

Our birth defect attorneys have successfully defended allegations that a mother’s health medical professional was exposed to toxic chemicals or prescription drugs which increased the chance that she will give birth to a child suffering from birth defects. We have also filed Birth defect lawsuits ( against companies that expose their workers to hazardous substances at work in a paint factory or semiconductor manufacturing company.